Chef 2 Chef LLC
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We are a Food Service Focused Company offering a “One Stop Shop Food Solution” for all your catering needs by air, sea and road.We pride ourselves on understanding your food needs; We are here to help, not only to sell.Located in Dubai, with Offices and temperature controlled Chilled, Frozen & Ambient warehouse storage 10 minutes from the International Airport.Dubai’s advanced infrastructure, business freedom, multi-lingual human capital, and easy access to Western Europe and the Far East makes it the ideal location to operate our business from. Located within an eight-hour flight of approximately billion people, Dubai is literally the crossroad of the world and your 1st step on a new culinary journey.Our “can do” mentality, passion for food and combined knowledge and experience makes Chef 2 Chef the ideal choice for those in the catering and hospitality industry.We offer fresh Fruits and Vegetables, Dairy, Meat, handmade Halal Breakfast Sausages, Fish, Seafood, Specialty, Chocolate Bakery, Asian, European, Australian, Middle Eastern and Mexican products etc.Our aim is to give Chef’s everything they want in one place, running the operation should be their focus, not worrying about their supply chain.


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1. Agriculture Supplies: Other Agriculture Supplies


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worldAsiaMiddle East


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< $ 1,000,000

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10 - 100


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