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Fertile organic soil extracted from the bottom of lakeAt present we are looking for buyers of fertile organic soil extracted from the bottom of the pond (lake). In total we are ready to provide 350 000 cubic tons of such kind of soil or 50 000 t per month. In average this blend contains: humus- 6.5%. total nitrogen 5kg/t, total phosphor 4.2 kg/t, total potassium 12.9 kg/t, easy hydrolyzed nitrogen 167.3 mg/kg, movable phosphor - 40.6mg/kg, exchange potassium -641 mg/kg, pH salty -6.9, ratio N:P:K -1:0.8:2.6Test resultsFraction of moisture, %36.66Fraction of dry substance, 63.34Fraction of organic substance, %15.80Fraction of general carbon, C, %3.78Fraction of total nitrogen, N, %0.50Fraction of total phosphorus, P2O5, %0.42Fraction of total potassium, K2O, %1.29Fraction of easy hydrolyzed nitrogen, N, mg/kg, according to Cornfield167.30Fraction of traveling phosphorus, P2O5, mg/kg, according to Michigin40.60Fraction of exchange potassium, K2O, mg/kg, according to Michigin 641.70PH level 6.9According to main agrochemical indexes this organic mineral blend identical to zonal ground - black soil (usual chernozem).Presence of disperse mineral substances in a mix is important for improvement buffer and absorptive properties of easy granules metric composition soils.Thus the organic mineral mix (black soil) can be used as ameliorant (enhancer), fertilizer for sandy and sandy grounds. Moreover this product can be simply used as the basic upper layer for growing vegetables, bushes and other plants in the countries with sandy and half sandy grounds that have low capacity of absorption. Among them can be Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Algeria, Lybia, and many other countries. Please, let us know if you are interested in our offer. And we will provide you all details upon your request. Or perhaps, you may advise us where we can refer with our offer.


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Developer, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Trader


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1. Agriculture Supplies: Fertilizers, Horticulture Supplies


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