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Established in 1991, today SD HIK-91 is a leading company in the production of polymeric packaging. The company has a leaderships position on the Bulgarian market as well as exporting his products all over the world.AgroLen is created thanks to the last achievements of machine manufacturing and chemical industry.AgroLen 3-layer polyethylene film for greenhouses offers: Strength and continuance of usage of the film Light transmittance. Thermal properties Anti drip effect Anti-fog effect...polyethylene films and packaging POLYETHYLENE FILM WITH UV - RESISTANCE UP TO 14 meters included THERMO SHRINKABLE FILM Polyethylene low density sleeves Polyethylene Bags Polyethylene film and bags by-products Greenhouse coverage film...Polypropylene woven bags Width from 35cm. up to 85cm. Length from 45cm. up to 135cm. Stamp up to 4 colors Approved for food contact Application: designed for foods in bulk, grain, agricultural products and materials in bulkPolypropylene woven bags type AD STAR, POLYPROPYLENE COATED BAGS Unique technology Stamp up to 4 colours ( including the bottoms) Width from 35cm. up to 60 cm. Length from 45cm. up to 91cm. Bottom width from 8cm. up to 18 cm. Valve depth from 8cm. up to 20 cm. Suitable for packing of mineral fertilizers, sugar and other materials in bulkPolypropylene coated bags Width from 30 cm. up to 70 cm Lenght from 45 cm. up to 130 cm. Stamp up to 4 colors


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Developer, Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Trader


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1. Agriculture Supplies: Fertilizers, Horticulture Supplies


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