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Our organic liquid fertilizer, AG-280,is formulated through years of research & experiment by in collaboration with CanadaGreenhouse & Processing Corp Research Center.AG-280 organic liquid fertilizer has been proven to produce particularly good results for palm oil crops, resulting in higher crops productivity. Its contents of natural botanical extract, primarily auxins, is the stimulating factor that promotes vigorous vegetable growth, better plant health, increase plant vitality and higher fruityields.AG 280 is an environmental friendly product, non toxic in nature & will not contaminate the soil. It is completely miscible with water at all proportion and is very easy to apply as a surface foliar spray, and/or via the plant root drench system.Most importantly it is very safe to use. As such, it makes it very simple tointegrate to other practices or other methods of usage like mixing withother applications.AG-280 Our experiment shows that AG-280 produce very good results on leafyvegetable, fruits bearing vegetable & plants, roots vegetable, rice corps,corns & maize, sugar cane, palm oil corps, tea plants and lawn grass.Benefits & Advantages - Increase Yield - Shorten Harvest Cycle - Promotes Vegetable Growth - Increase Plant Vitality & Robustness - Condition the Soil - Resistance to low temperature - Environmental Friendly - Non-toxic - 100% Biodegradable - Not Harmful to Human - Non-Irritant - Non-Flammable - Operator Friendly - Easy to Handle & Use - Flexible integration into other Practices. - Ability to repel insects & kill germs - Insecticide & Germicide present in AG-280 are extracted from PlantsAreas of ApplicationsCottonTea PlantsRiceEtc.All kinds of FruitsAll kinds of VegetablesAll kinds of FlowersAll kinds of Plants


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