Agricultual Peat And Its Products

General Product Information:

Dear Gentlemen!Scientific Producing Union Territorial Resources has possibility to supply huge amount of agricultural peat and is looking for the customers. In the case of your interest we are also glad to discuss future partnership dealing with obtaining, refining, packing and selling the peat and its products on your regional market.Please inform us your opinion on the prospects of our partnership and your point of view about the business mentioned above.The list of the products available to supply: 1- Peat Agricultural , Nutrient- Reach Peat Soil (ÃÎÑÒ ÒÓ 205.3 ÓÑÑÐ 3-89)2 Peat Soil Plant (ÃÎÑÒ ÒÓ 205ÓÑÑÐ 341-83)3 Nutrient-Reach Peat for Vegetable and Garden-Stuff Cultures (ÃÎÑÒ ÒÓ 205.3 ÓÑÑÐ 4-1-90)4 Nitrates Free Peat Composite Fertilizer (soil regenerator from chemical impact) (ÃÎÑÒ ÒÓ 256 ÓÑÑÐ 1-91)5 Hothouse Peat soil (ÃÎÑÒ ÒÓ 205.3 ÓÑÑÐ 3-89)6 Peat soil for gardening (fruit-growers)7 Peat Fertilizer With Addition of Bischofite Soil Conditioner (ÃÎÑÒ ÒÓ 461-001-48053164-9)The amount, price and packing we will negotiate during discussion of the contract.Contact person: Mr. Valentyn Ananko Cell: 38 068 127 53 15 E-mail:


Industry:Agriculture Industry
Delivery Time:0000-00-00
Type:Selling Offer

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