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AMINO 16AMINO 16 is an organic solution comprised of 16 of the 20L-Aminoacids that are engaged in tha growth mechanism of all plants and are absolutely essential for the successful completion of the biological cycle. It is easily absorbed and may be used at all stages of plant growth either by foliar spraying or by irrigation as fertilizer or bio-stimulant. It is produced through the hydrolysis of plant based raw materials rich in proteins. The result in organic solution contains a mixture of 16 L-Aminoacids, certain basic protein components and organic nitrogen, perfectly balanced to create a unique product guaranteeing the high concentration of L-Aminoacids.Guaranteed Composition:Free L-Aminoacids 12,5% Peptides - Sugar 20,6% Total Nitrogen 3,0% Organic Matter 33% Amino 16 is non toxic and is suitable for use in organic farming.(Package: 1lt , 5lt).


Industry:Fertilizer Industry
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