Micronutrient Fertilizers Powder


General Product Information:

The company has created a strong foothold in the business of manufacturing, exporting and supplying Micronutrient Fertilizers. Processed using the best quality chemical ingredients our Micronutrient Fertilizers are the best choice available in the markets. for the client's ease, we provide the Micronutrient Fertilizers in different packaging choices, at very reasonable prices. Need of Micronutrient Fertilizer :oPlants become healthy, perfect & full of greenoDue to healthy plant, easily capture N.P.K. Substances inside of landoIt stop the dryness of plants and also helpful in stay able they qualityoIt increases chlorophyll in the plantoIt also stops the disease in the plantoIt also destroyed all small animals in the landoIt increases in the production capacityoIt useful for every crop & also necessary to use itoIt must necessary for leafs protection and plants drynessoIt also increase green cell in plants and that's why it become perfect plant in a less sunlight situationHow To Use It?oThrough use of pipe: Give 40 to 50 ml. with 15 liter wateroPiyat method: At the same time give 1 liter Uberty liquid in 1 acre land with the piyat wateroThrough drip irrigation: 3 liter liquid in 1000 liter waterSome Benefits Of These Little Healthy Substances :oFe : It reduces yellowness of green leafs, it makes greenly of plantoMn : It also helps to stop black & yellow dots on the plants. As well as give protection besides dryness and give long lifeoZn : It stops white marks on the leaf's top side; plants become healthy and also maximize productionoCu : It stops yellowness of top of leaf, it destroyed disease of plants. It helps in protect roots fungus in the plantoB : It reduces falling of flowers, fruits, etc. Composition Percentage of Weight :oFE : 4.0oMN : 1.0oZN : 6.0oCU : 0.5oB : 0.5Solubility in Water Percent : 100%


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