Silysol Ms- Innovative Silica Micro Suspension (For Top Fruits, Vegeetables And Field Crops)


General Product Information:

SilySol MS is a highly purified 100% liquid silica formulation based on Micro Suspension Technology. Micro Suspension Technology is an award-winning, breakthrough innovation in plant nutrient technology, producing insoluble YET highly bio-available minerals. Micro Suspension Technology maximizes FUE (Fertilizer Use Efficiency) of plants, resulting in optimal nutrient uptake by plants. SilySol MS is suitable for use on top fruits, fruiting and leafy vegetables, and field crops. BENEFITS1. Keeps plants erect and strong2. Optimizes photosynthesis efficiency through strong leaves3. Improves crop yield and quality4. Reduces disease and prevents insect pest damage5. Improves plant resistance to physical and chemical stress 6. Optimizes soil pH when applied to soil7. Easy to apply by seed treatment, soil drenching or foliar spray8. Safe to end-user and friendly to the environment


Industry:Fertilizer Industry
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