Silysol- 100% Water Soluble Liquid Silica With Essential Minerals


General Product Information:

SilySol is a highly purified, 100% water-soluble liquid silicate formulation with essential minerals for use on fruits, vegetables and field crops. It is non-toxic to mammals and environmentally friendly. SilySol does not contain chemical fertilizers, chemical plant growth regulators or harmful heavy metals. It is suitable for use in organic farming or sustainable agriculture. SilySol can be used together with other foliar fertilizers by foliar spray, drenching or fertigation.BENEFITS1. Increases flowering, fruit setting and yield2. Keep leaves strong and erect by optimizing photosynthesis efficiency3. Reduces disease and prevents insect pest damage4. Reduces environmental stress through healthier plants5. Improves soil pH when applied into soil6. Provides bio-available potassium for soil and plants7. Enhances post-harvest freshness


Industry:Fertilizer Industry
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