Terralyt Plus


General Product Information:

we are a company who sell one of the best organic compounds in asia,we are located in the north-east part of thailand (pakchong),terralyt plus is a very good electrolyte for the soil which increase crops up to 35-50%,is cheeper than the fertilizers we used before and also gives a sooner harvest.terralyt plus promotes the transport of electrons and re-activates the soil,accelerates the growth of micro-organisms in the soil so that the plants will be supplied with more nutrients so that the growth of plants,trees and lawns are faster and heavier.especially suitable for the use on exhausted,over fertilized,sandy,loamy,clay or contaminated soils.very good for the use on plantations like rice,cassava,sugar cane,corn,fruits etc...terralyt plus have to be mixed like 1kg with 1000l water,and is good for the use of 25.000m2 (15.6 rai)and have to be sprayed on the land after seeding.terralyt plus contains no chemicals and is imported from europe and tested here in thailand on many fields and with very good results!we use terralyt plus also on our plantages and that is the reason why we start selling it now in asia because 'terralyt plus is a great product!'for all information about this product visit our website,dvd is also available.


Industry:Agriculture Industry
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