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Trichofit, aqueous suspension of mycelium of the fungus-antagonist Trichoderma, successfully fights with root rots and other fungal nature diseases. Biologically active substances secreted by fungus Trichoderma stimulate plant growth and development, increase their resistance to diseases. As a result of the action of produced enzymes such as chitinase and glucokinase, the drug promotes the decomposition of polysaccharides and transfer of substances in a form accessible to plants through the soil *hofit has a probiotic effect and works as a destructor of straw and cellulose * to the high biological activity of the drug quickly occupies a biological substrate, breaks down organic compounds, takes part in the processes of ammonification and nitrification, increases the mobilization of phosphorus and potassium, and enriches the soil with nutrients moving, making them readily available to plants.In contrast to chemical plant protection, biological products have no an extremely high concentration dose. In surplus doses beneficial bacteria and fungal mycelium die, not finding the culture medium. Biologics do not accumulate in plants and soil. Destroying pathogens, bacteria are deprived of food and die without leaving a sign of biological or chemical activity. Fruit and vegetables, processed with our biological preparations are stored for much longer, because Guapsin works as long as does not kill all putrefaction and other harmful bacteria. At the same time fruits intended for winemaking should not be processed. The bacteria that contribute to the process of fermentation will be killed.


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