Zinc Sulphate

General Product Information:

Molecular formula: ZnSO4H2OSpecification:Zinc sulphate Monohydrate(ZnSO4H2O) ≥ % 99.96 Zinc(Zn) ≥ % 36.41 Cadmium(Cd) ≤ ppm 20 Arsenic(As) ≤ ppm 5 Lead(Pb) ≤ ppm 20 Water insoluble matter ≤ % 0.05 Uses:It is used as raw material for production of lithopone. It is also used in synthetic fiber industry, zinc plating, pesticides. It is mainly used in trace element fertilizer and feed additive, etc.Packing:Net weight 25kgs, 50kgs per each plastic woven bag, or 1000kgs per each package.


Industry:Fertilizer Industry
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Type:Selling Offer

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