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Posted on: May 05, 2022

Poultry feed pellet making machine has the  features of  small  framework, beautiful  look, large diameter of feed opening, ring die  style, suitable for making feed pellets, high output,  reduced power consumption,  practical  usage and  dependable  functioning  efficiency.

The pressure rollers are evenly  set up,  as well as the  procedure is stable. At the same time, the pressing area is  enhanced, and the  manufacturing  performance is improved. The screw  facility  stress regulating structure is adopted, and the gap  in between the  mold and mildews  boosts  as well as  lowers, and it is suitable for  various materials to  make certain the pressing effect.

poultry pellet machine

1. The scope of application of the  chicken feed pellet making  equipment:

It is  commonly  made use of in  huge,  tool  as well as  tiny  tank farming, grain  and also poultry feed plants,  animals farms,  chicken  ranches,  private farmers  as well as  little and medium-sized farms, farmers or large, medium  as well as  little  chicken feed processing plants.

The following is a  comprehensive  intro to the RICHI  fowl feed pellet making  maker.

( 1)  Resources of  fowl feed pellet making  device:

Feed  handling  equipment that  straight presses pellets with crushed  products such as corn, soybean meal, straw,  turf, rice husk,  and so on.

( 2) The working principle of the  fowl feed pellet making machine:

RICHI poultry feed pellet making  device  attains the goal of feeding  completely dry in  and also  dry.  Via the extrusion between the pressing roller and the die plate, the temperature of 80 ° C can be reached  throughout the  manufacturing process,  as well as the pellets with smooth surface  and also  consistent body can be  refined.  As well as have a  specific  firmness.  Additionally, users can  select different apertures and compression ratios according to their  various needs to obtain  the most effective  modern technology  as well as  financial benefits.

poultry feed pelleting machine

The  chicken feed pellet making  device  utilizes a  electric motor as the driving shaft for power,  and also  runs cyclically on this basis. It drives the  major shaft  with gears to  scrub the die plate  and also the pressure roller, and the resulting  rubbing  temperature level ( in between the pressure roller  and also the die plate) can be up to 80 ° C. The raw  product  goes through the  heat, under the extrusion of  journalism roller  as well as the die plate,  and also passes through the holes on the die plate,  and also the  high-grade molding pellets will  present from the discharge port.

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( 3)  Benefits of feed pellets produced by RICHI  chicken pellet  equipment:

High  firmness, smooth  surface area and internal ripening, which can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients. The pellet formation  procedure can denature the pancreatic enzyme resistance  consider grains  and also beans,  minimize the  damaging effects on digestion, kill various  bloodsucker eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms,  as well as reduce  different insects and  gastrointestinal system diseases.  Compared to  combined powder feed, higher economic benefits can be  acquired.

( 4) R&D  toughness of Richi Machinery:

The  fowl feed pellet making  equipment is a  brand-new  sort of energy-saving  tools  separately  established by Richi  Equipment. Richi  Equipment has a  top-notch R&D team, which  includes the  chicken feed pellet making  maker  r & d  job department, the biomass pellet machine research and development project  division,  as well as the organic  plant food pellet  maker  r & d  task department. Project Department. Richi Machinery has  progressed  equipment  production equipment, strong  growth  stamina  as well as perfect after-sales  solution. It is a  specialist manufacturer of pellet  equipment in China that  investigates,  creates,  makes,  sets up and debugs.

2. The price of  fowl feed pellet making machine

The price of poultry feed pelleting  maker is  normally 7000-100000USD, and the output of  chicken feed that can be processed is 1-48t/ h. If the grass-containing feed is to be processed, the yield is  somewhat lower, and these are determined according to the customer's  real  resources and  formulas.

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3. Why choose RICHI poultry feed pellet making  equipment?

( 1) RICHI Machinery feed pellet machine  has actually passed a  variety of  licenses and won a  variety of  license certificates.

( 2) It has passed the international ISO9001  as well as EU CE certification,  and also is a new  power machinery manufacturing  venture  motivated by the state.

( 3) All  designs have passed the agricultural  equipment promotion appraisal of the Ministry of Agriculture, and all of them  have actually passed the  evaluation.

( 4) Some  districts  and also regions  have actually passed the  nationwide  farming  equipment  acquisition  aids,  as well as the  acquisition of agricultural  equipment can  take pleasure in  federal government subsidies.

More details:

( 5) Richi  Equipment  establishes year by year,  items are  continuously  upgraded,  progressed processing equipment,  beautiful craftsmanship, and strict inspection and  screening  make sure higher quality of products. The poultry feed pellet making machines are all over the  nation and exported to Europe, America, Asia, Africa, etc international market.

( 6) Perfect after-sales service, all  buyers  just need to  rely upon the "product  high quality  guarantee card", you will  delight in  1 year warranty  as well as lifetime  upkeep after-sales service.

( 7) The  fowl feed pellet making  equipment  created by Richi  Equipment have won the titles of "Famous Products"  and also " Top Quality Trustworthy Products" for  sometimes.

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